Original Fat Free Pizzas
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Welcome to Pizza Fit'n Free! Since 1991 we have been perfecting
our pizzas to bring you your favorite food—only healthier! Whether you
are on a low-fat or calorie restricted diet, or are looking for an organic,
gluten-free option we have the answer!

Our original Fat-Free or Gluten-Free pizzas will satisfy your craving for pizza
anytime! Our pizzas are 100% DELICIOUS and GUILT-FREE!

Our pizzas are hand-made and shipped right to your doorstep in a cooler. Simply, store
them in your freezer. Ten minutes in the oven is all it takes to prepare. Add any toppings
you or your loved ones fancy. You can also create and configure your own personalized pizza
to get the calorie count to keep you on-track with your weight loss goals.

Order today and enjoy pizza the healthy way!

2420 Wedgewood Dr. Suite 5A
Akron, Ohio 44312
Open Monday 10:00AM - 1:00PM


Keep your weight loss goals on track! Configure your Fat-Free pizza with your favorite healthy
toppings and get the calorie count from your customized pizza creation! For example. add
turkey sausage with your favorite vegetables with a customized grocery list! Our fat-free
pizza is only *6 Points Plus!
(*Not endorsed by Weight Watchers® - Points Plus® calculated by Pizza Free, Inc.)