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Original Fat-Free Pizza

Fat Free Nutrional Facts

Our famous Fat-Free pizzas have been around since
the early 1990's to help dieters indulge in their favorite Fat Free Pizza food,
without all of the guilt normally associated
with PIZZA. With only 248 calories for the
whole 7 inch pie they’re the perfect fit!

Our original pizza is not only Fat-Free, but
also Cholesterol Free, Sugar-Free and
100% DELICIOUS. Pizzas are hand
stretched to 7 inches and are only topped
with cheese so you can add your favorite
fresh toppings and enjoy them just
the way you like!

Health & Weight Loss Benefits:
• 14 Grams of Protein
• Only 248 Calories
• Fat-Free
• Cholesterol Free
• Sugar-Free
• Only 6 Points Plus*


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